CAS Tracheal Cannulas Settlement – The Insurance House settles the amount of 1,698.32 lei, for 4 pieces of tracheal cannulas / year.

Tracheal cannulas are used in patients with l Tracheostomy is the short-circuiting of the upper airway (supratracheal) with a special cannula inserted into the trachea through a surgically created “stoma” to achieve communication between the tracheal cavity and atmospheric air, thus allowing ventilation. This technique is part of the oldest surgical procedures known in medicine since antiquity. The etymology of the word tracheostomy comes from the Greek words: stomach – which means “mouth” and trachea and refers to the permanent or semi-permanent opening of the trachea. In palliation by tracheotomy and the installation of a tracheal cannula, breathing is facilitated by opening the airways in the trachea in cases of acute or chronic dyspnea due to laryngeal obstruction of tumor and non-tumor nature.

Currently, there are many types of tracheal cannulas that have slight differences, often underestimated, but have specific indications depending on the needs of each patient. These differences depend on the indication of the tracheotomy, respectively the anatomical considerations, the age of the patient and his availability, among other conditions. Mandestrated window cannulas have an opening in the upper part of the cannula, above the sleeve, which allows the patient to breathe through the upper part when the inner cannula is changed. Clarfon offers a wide range of tracheal cannulas made of different materials and shapes, so that each patient benefits from the correct prosthesis.

Total or partial laryngectomy is a mutilating operation that involves the total or partial removal of the larynx and / or vocal cords, which means the patient’s inability to exhale air through the nose and / or mouth, or normal phonation. And as a result of this operation, cannulas are used.

In the first 6 months after surgery, maybe even a year, the patient must wear cannulas made of hard material, not silicone. After the edema that appears ,after the operation is withdrawn, he can also use silicone cannulas.

Provox® LaryTube

Provox LaryTube is a  soft silicone laryngectomy tube that maintains the opening of the tracheostoma.

The Provox LaryTube can be used to attach a Provox HME or a Provox FreeHands Speaking Valve. The Provox LaryTube is well suited for immediate postoperative Provox HME use, HME use during radiotherapy, and HME use in patients with sensitive skin.

Provox LaryTube is available in Standard, Fenestrated and With Ring (to be secured with Provox adhesive).

  • Provox LaryTube Standard
    Non sterile, for single patient use. Reusable
    Includes: 5 Provox XtraFlow HME (7291).
  • Provox LaryTube Fenestrated
    Non sterile, for single patient use. Reusable
    Includes: 5 Provox XtraFlow HME (7291) and 1 Provox Brush (7204).
  • Provox LaryTube with Ring
    Non sterile, for single patient use. Reusable
    Includes: 5 Provox XtraFlow HME (7291).
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