It is a medical device used by those who have undergone an operation to remove the vocal cords. The larynx is placed in contact with the neck area where there are no visible scars of the operation, identifying the softest place on palpation. Speech occurs due to the vibrations of sounds that are transmitted in the pharyngeal cavity, and by moving the mandible the sound emitted will be metallic, but audible. The wearer must be instructed that the speaking process will be different from the normal one, requiring certain breathing exercises as well as encouragement from the family.

Due to the evolution of technology, today there are very high performance laryngophones that cover a wide range of patient requirements. The devices are equipped with spare batteries, with buttons for adjusting the intensity and tone of voice, as well as with various ergonomic options.


It is the latest technological generation in the field of voice prostheses, offering you multiple features for a better quality of life. Lightweight and with an ergonomic design, the Servox larynx has buttons for changing the tone and volume, a charger that can be adapted to the USB port of your computer, an increased usage time due to the special battery it has and many special functions , adapted to your needs.

When purchasing the Servox Laryngophone, you will receive prosthetic advice from our specialists so that the accommodation period is as easy as possible, as well as a 2-year guarantee for any laryngeal repair operation.

Provox® SolaTone Plus

Easy and straightforward to use.

  • Simple to use with external tone and volume adjustments
  • Quality sound, voice range and construction
  • Includes rechargeable AA batteries
  • USB charging
  • Compact and light weight

Includes: 2 Rechargeable batteries, Oral adapter, Oral tubes, USB charger.

Laringofon SolaTone Plus

Provox® TruTone EMOTE

High-quality aid for more natural expression.

  • Allows for variance in the tone of voice to let emotions be heard
  • Allows changes in voice volume from whispering to loud
  • Simple and easy to use
  • High intelligibility
  • Comfortable, ergonomic and sleek design
  • Up to a month battery life and USB charging

Includes: Extra-sharp sound-head cap, Rechargeable battery, Oral adapter, Oral tubes, USB charger.


Provox® Digital XL Electrolarynx

Digital XL uses four standard AAA batteries (rechargeable NiMH or regular alkaline)

  • Titanium housing
  • The buttons can be set for various volumes and allow individual setting
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Toggle switch for individual volume adjustment Comfortable, ergonomic and fluid model
  • Convenient travel / storage hip bag
  • 2 years warranty

Includes: Extra-accurate sound cover, Rechargeable battery, Oral adapter, Oral tubes, USB charger.

Laringofon Servox