The phonator button is a plastic voice prosthesis, usually made of medical grade silicone. It will be placed between your esophagus and trachea during total laryngectomy or at a secondary puncture. The voice prosthesis has two flanges to hold it in place – one on the side of the esophagus and one on the side of the trachea. Between these flanges, there is a smaller tube that contains a one-way valve. This valve will open when you speak and close while you breathe and eat, to prevent any foreign body from entering your trachea (eg saliva, food or drink).

By closing your stomach, the exhaled air will be redirected by the voice prosthesis into the esophagus. As this air circulates through the esophagus, the tissue will vibrate and create a sound. This is called tracheoesophageal speech (TE speech). These days, tracheoesophageal speech has proven to be the most successful way to speak again after a total laryngectomy.

Provox® Vega

A voice prosthesis designed for good voice quality, low speaking effort, easy device maintenance and comfort.

  • Less strained voice
  • Easier to understand
  • Less effort to speak
  • Better voice quality

The Provox Vega voice prosthesis comes with an Insertion System that gives more control and greater flexibility.

  • Adapts to patient anatomy and clinician’s preferred insertion method
  • Creates a perfect fold of the esophageal flange
  • Intuitive and easy to use

Sterile, for single use.
Includes: 1 Provox Vega voice prosthesis with Insertion System (sterile) and 1 Provox Brush (non sterile).

Buton Fonator

Provox® Vega Puncture Set

A disposable surgical set for primary and secondary placement of Provox Vega.

  • All-in-one surgical set
  • Creates a round puncture, leaving the surrounding tissue intact
  • Comes pre-loaded with a Provox Vega voice prosthesis
  • Disposable and sterile
  • Enables a rapid procedure, minimum preparation and assembly are needed

Sterile, for single use.
Includes: 1 Pharynx Protector (made of transparent thermoplastic), 1 Puncture Needle (made of surgical stainless steel), 1 Guidewire (made of pre-colored fluoroplastic), 1 Puncture Dilator with 1 preloaded Provox Vega voice prosthesis and 1 Provox Brush

Set Buton Fonator

Provox® Vega XtraSeal

A solution to manage leakage around.

  • The enlarged esophageal flange is thin and flexible which allows it to conform to the tissue around the TE puncture
  • The user can continue to speak, eat and drink while the leakage around is managed

Sterile, for single use
Includes: 1 Provox Vega XtraSeal prosthesis with Insertion System (sterile) and 1 Provox Brush (non sterile).
Note: The shaft of the Provox XtraSeal is ca 1 mm shorter than the size indicated due to the enlarged esophageal flange.

Buton Fonator

Provox® ActiValve®

The voice prosthesis with extended device lifetime.

  • Increased device life – reduces the need of frequent replacements in most patients who experience short device life
  • Available in three strengths – Light, Strong and XtraStrong

Non sterile, for single use.
Includes: 1 Provox ActiValve voice prosthesis, 1 single-use insertion tool, 2 Provox Brush, 1 Provox ActiValve Lubricant, 1 Provox Plug, 2 User Cards, 1 Emergency Card.

Buton Fonator ActiValve