CAS Tracheal Cannulas Settlement

CAS Reimbursement – Tracheal Cannulas offers the amount of 1,698.32 lei, for 4 pieces of tracheal cannulas / year.

Clarfon is the representative of Atos Medical,
a leader in voice rehabilitation solutions!

We give a voice to people who breathe through a stoma, with design solutions and technologies built on decades of experience and a deep understanding of our users. Since the introduction of the first Provox voice prosthesis in 1990, Atos Medical has become a world leader in laryngectomy care.



Our commitment and dedicated specialization in this field have allowed us to gain a deep understanding of our customers’ needs. This understanding drives our innovation process and we are proud to continually bring innovative solutions to our users.


Our goals

Over the years we have met the needs of around 100,000 people with laryngectomy in over 70 countries. Our comprehensive Laryngectomy Care portfolio includes a full range of Provox voice and lung rehabilitation devices.


Tracheal cannulas are medical devices made of biocompatible material, silicone or medical PVC and are used by patients who have undergone surgery, laryngectomy or tracheostomy, as a result of which they can no longer use their upper respiratory tract. The tracheal cannulas keep the stoma open to ensure the patient’s normal breathing.


Voice prosthesis The phonator button is a device with a unidirectional valve, which opens from the trachea to the esophagus, provided with two flanges that ensure the stability of the prosthesis at the level of the tracheo-esophageal fistula. It is used by patients with laryngectomy to be able to vocalize.


HME filters are suitable for all tracheostomy tubes with 15 mm connector (UNI), as well as on 22 mm adapters (KOMBI). Provides bacterial filtration of inhaled and exhaled air, as well as control of humidity and heat.


Laryngophone or Laryngeal Vibrator is a medical device used by those who have undergone an operation to remove the vocal cords. The larynx is placed in contact with the neck area where there are no visible scars of the operation, identifying the softest place on palpation.

Protection / Scarf

Protects the tracheostomy area in laryngectomized or tracheostomized patients. The 3-layer variant is optimal for the warm season. The fine multilayered form (polyester) ensures a high degree of air permeability – at the same time, the inhaled air is heated, humidified and filtered.


Consumables and other accessories There are medical devices that help to prolong the duration of use for phonatory buttons, tracheal cannulas, as well as maintaining hygiene around the stoma.

Years of Experience
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Clarfon is the representative of Atos Medical, a supplier with a tradition of over 36 years, a world leader for voice prostheses with production in Sweden and guaranteeing the quality of the products.


The Clarfon cabinet network offers the delivery of products and services locally, so that any need can be solved on the spot by the cabinet specialists. The team of specialists is trained by Atos Medical.


Clarfon offices have a contract with the insurance companies and the products are settled. The quality-price ratio is adapted to the Romanian market, and the products can be purchased in installments.